A Quick Guide To Rhodium Plating

A Quick Guide To Rhodium Plating

After years of everyday use, some fine white gold jewelry is susceptible to losing its glow and shine. But today, we’ll talk about the process used to bring it back to its glory days: rhodium replating.


So, if you have a cherished white gold jewelry piece that’s starting to look slightly tarnished, there’s no need to get heartbroken. This article is for you!




Rhodium is a metal from the platinum group that emits a silvery light glow close to the color of steel.


Rhodium is inert against corrosion. Because of that, it’s used at high temperatures to coat white gold with an ultramodern glow in a process we call electroplating.


Jewelry Replating

Even if your white gold jewelry piece seems to shine as expected, it’s possible to add rhodium plating to protect it from scratches, tarnishing, and increase its lifespan.


After long years of use, the original coat of rhodium on your white gold jewelry can wear off, making jewelry replating one of the most common and necessary jewelry maintenance services for gold jewelry.


How does rhodium plating work?

Rhodium plating is the process of covering white gold with another layer of precious metal in a meticulous and thorough process.


Plating involves strong chemicals—oils, residue, and any other impurities which can hinder the process, so the piece needs to be polished, cleaned, and analyzed by an expert.


Our experienced professionals evaluate each section of your white gold jewelry and help you provide it with state-of-the-art care.


Fine jewelry is very delicate and precious, so be sure to take it for inspection frequently. That’s an investment.


Always take fine jewelry to a trusted jewelry store such as Lamon Jewelers. We’re interested in building a long-lasting relationship with you. As the years go by, our jeweler recognizes your jewelry and treats it as if it were one of our own from our showcase!



Does rhodium plating have nickel?

This is another perk of rhodium plating— the process is nickel-free. That’s why many refer to rhodium replating as being hypoallergenic. For that, you have a coat protecting your skin from the alloys added to make white gold jewelry more malleable.


And the best part is that rhodium is resistant to corrosion while also being highly reflective.


How long does rhodium plating last?

There’s no right answer. It will depend on how frequently you wear your white gold jewelry and which substances it often comes in contact with. When the rhodium plating in your jewelry wears off, you notice some loss in luster.


Skincare products, sweat, chlorine, and cleaning products all have components which can make the luster of your jewelry diminish.


Depending on the exposure, rhodium plating can last many years. The good news is that you can replate your white gold jewelry as many times as needed.



Rhodium plating near me

Here at Lamon Jewelers, we know each jewelry piece is unique. For that, we offer expert knowledge and experience to produce the best treatments for your white gold jewelry.


You’re welcome to visit our store and see the heart of Lamon Jewelers—where we bring jewelry back to its first-day glow.


If you love a precious white gold piece, but it’s lost its luster, we can give it some love and inspect it with the utmost care. Make sure your jewelry lasts longer, take it to your trusted jeweler.


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