Can Jewelers Recreate Jewelry Pieces?

Jewelry recycling is usually associated with broken jewelry, but even if your pieces are in no need of repair but you’re still tired of them or would like to boost their appearance, recreation is a good option in such cases.


That way, you don't have to keep any jewelry that you no longer need or feel like using. This blog post will inspire you in terms of how to recreate valuable pieces which you no longer need or want to keep.


Jewelers are natural recreators because their work already entails handling jewelry pieces in a variety of versatile ways. Besides, most repairs jewelers do already include some form of recreation, as we will see below.



Resizing rings

Good quality rings last for a lifetime. They make the perfect traditional gift to be passed down through family generations, for instance, from a grandmother to a daughter, then to a granddaughter or a niece. Everyone has a different ring size, but you don't have to worry about it, as it can be easily resized by a jeweler.


Old rings that have become worn out or dull can also be redesigned to contain a gemstone and become a different kind of piece, acquiring a whole different look.



Stone replacement

If a precious stone falls out of a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings, this piece of jewelry can be repaired or be turned into a beautiful pendant. The same applies to a damaged gemstone pendant with broken pieces, whose smaller pieces can become part of a ring.


Even if the original stones of a piece are still in place but lost their glam, you can replace them with nicer colors, your birthstone, or even sparkling diamonds. Whether you want to find matching stones to the ones your jewelry already has or give it a complete twist, our gemologists can help you find a seamless replacement.



Remounting jewelry pieces

Pieces can be remounted either if they broke, are outdated or simply if you want to give them a boost. This is made possible by the works of jewelers, who can refashion them into something new.


This process is particularly useful when it comes to reusing family stones into personalized new pieces to make them more appealing, or even remounting yellow gold wedding sets, popular in the 1960s to the 1990s, into more contemporary finishes, featuring white gold or platinum.


Jewelers as piece recreators

Repairs and recreation are so important to us at Lamon Jewelers that we have on-site repair facilities where our talented goldsmiths utilize the latest technology in laser machines to perform these tasks.



That way, recreating pieces for our customers receives the same personalized attention as newly designed jewelry, because we want to perfectly meet their needs and expectations.


Now that you know what you may want to do with your pieces of jewelry to recreate them, come visit our talented artists in one of our three locations in Tennessee and enjoy the finest service with a free evaluation on recreation alternatives. Our experts will make sure to revive your jewelry and transform any outdated pieces until you are completely satisfied with the results. Let yourself be surprised by their creativity!


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