How do you stack engagement ring and wedding band?

How do you stack engagement ring and wedding band?

How do you stack an engagement ring and wedding band?

We are talking about one of the newest ring design trends, and we absolutely love it: stackable wedding bands and engagement rings!


The multi-layered designs have become a part of engagement and bridal jewelry and add a twist to the concept of day-to-day accessories.


More than matching precious metals, this trend has been conquering hearts. The possibilities are endless and will depend on the design of the rings, your style, and the occasion.


In this article, we will cover how to wear stackable rings to create an aesthetic appeal and celebrate personal milestones in the most fashionable ways. Keep reading!


What are stackable wedding rings?

When you combine a wedding band against an engagement ring and add extra rings to create a single look, you have stackable rings.


Now you can combine multiple thin rings on the same finger. These rings might or might not be part of a set, but they always have an eye-catching effect, are very comfortable to wear, and bring out the most exquisite details in the other.


You can purchase stackable rings all at once or space them to celebrate and mark for special occasions, such as anniversaries or the birth of children.


Why are stackable rings so trendy?

Think about this: the style gives a woman the ability to personalize the jewelry pieces that she will wear every day! She can reinvent looks and always appear fresh and modern, even with the rings she wears every day.


Stacked rings offer a glittering dose of versatility to looks, mix & match, and the message a woman wishes to convey. As she changes her personal style, she will still be able to wear accessories that indicate her love and association with a beloved sweetheart while looking chic and trendy!


Besides, couples adore the process of picking wedding bands and stackable bands together to mark family events, birthdays, graduation, and wedding anniversaries!


How to stack engagement rings and wedding bands

    • - Size


Combine narrow rings in two or three fingers or pick thicker bands and make them the centerpiece in your hands.


    • - Metal color


Match bands and engagement rings of the same metal color, or play with the ever-trendy mix of yellow and rose gold that wins all hearts.


    • - Design


Stack an engagement ring against a slightly curved wedding band of similar structure and similar sizes. This is one of the most exquisite approaches to stacking rings.


    • - Theme


Pair floral motifs or multi-colored stones. Combine vintage styles or modern bands with sleek shine and be admired for your clever style!


In which order should I wear stackable rings?

Which ring to put on first? You decide! While some stylists advocate for keeping the wedding bands closest to your heart, meaning they can be the first ring you put on, there are no rules.


Just see what looks better on your fingers and what makes you feel more comfortable. The more detailed a ring is, the simpler the other should be.


Eternity rings look incredible together because of the mirror vibes they create, while engagement rings and curved wedding bands always let out a balanced shimmer.


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