How to Buy Jewelry Online

How to Buy Jewelry Online

Sometimes, nothing beats the comfort of your own home. While shopping at a store definitely has its perks of glamor and fun, shopping online has an easiness that can’t be beaten. And we at Lamon Jewelers know how difficult some websites make it navigate their selections, which is why we have curated and designed our website to be as enjoyable to scroll through as possible. 

With the added benefit of a live chat support feature, online shopping has never been more convenient. But because we care and want to make your digital experience with us as seamless as possible, we’ve created a step by step description on how to buy jewelry online just for you.


Step 1: Make an account with us!

On our home page, you’ll see a button at the top right that says “Login.” Click on that to bring you to a different page where you can “Create An Account”. We would love to have you as a part of our digital family, and filling our the following page with your name, email, and address helps us get to know you better and makes placing your order so much easier! 


Step 2: Review Your Info on the Dashboard

How to Buy Jewelry Online

Once you input your details and click Submit, you’ll be brought to a page entitled “My Dashboard”. Here, you’ll be able to check all of the information you just typed in and verify that it’s all correct so that we can mail your gorgeous selections to the right address! 

It’s also important to double-check that both the shipping address and the billing address are correct, as they can sometimes differ if you’ve moved recently. 

While you’re at it, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter! If below NEWSLETTERS it says You are currently not subscribed to any newsletter, click the Edit tab beside it and check the box for General Subscription so that you can receive all the fun news and offers we have to give you!


Step 3: Have Fun and Go Shopping!

Luckily for you, you can find exactly what you’re searching for directly from the My Dashboard page! Just scroll up and click on any of our lovely jewelry types in a red font from the white tab above. From Engagement Rings to Timepieces to general Jewelry, we have everything you need! 

If you want to filter so that you find exactly the type you’re looking for, hover over ( don’t click yet!) and a drop-down tab will give you the breakdown of what we have, from the different styles in “Engagement Rings” to the designers in “Timepieces” to different jewelry types in “Jewelry” and click on your desired selection.  As an example, we’ve selected a gorgeous halo engagement ring for you to look at. 


Step 4: Add to Cart!

After you’ve finished shopping and have found all the pieces you want, add each of them to your shopping cart and you’ll be prompted to the MY CART page. Review your order to make sure all your desired items made it onto your cart and guarantee you’re getting all the shimmer your heart desires. 

To get an estimate on shipping and tax costs, input your country, state/province, and zip code and click “Get a Quote”. If you have a coupon code, this is a great time to use them under the DISCOUNT CODES section. Once that’s all done, review the page one more time and click the orange Checkout button on the bottom right. 


Step 5: Checkout and Place your Order

You’re almost there! On the Checkout page, you’ll see a tab for Name and Address. If you created an account with us, all your information will already be there for you. If not, put in your information so that we can send your lovely jewelry package straight to you. 

Next, click Place Your Order and you will be redirected to Paypal’s website where you can click Add Debit or Credit Card and input your card information.

For your security, we use PayPal to make sure that your personal credit card details stay safe in your hands. Once it’s all put in, click Continue and you’re all set! Congrats! Your lovely jewelry item is already being processed and on it’s way to your doorstep. 

Make sure to check your email to see that you’ve gotten the confirmation of the order. And if you need any help, our live chat support team is just a click away on the bottom right-hand corner of every Lamon Page

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