How to match Tie-Dye Clothes and Jewelry

How to match Tie-Dye Clothes and Jewelry

Returning from the past, the tie-dye style sweeps through our lives once again. Alluding to the hippie and grunge, it reshapes fashion as we know it. Here we teach you how to make it work in your favor and enjoy all the colors the trend has to offer.

A bit of history

Tie-dye is a cute version of tied and dyed: an urban technique for artificially coloring fading textiles that was incredibly popular in the United States during the ’60s and ’70s.

And why do we love it so much? The style transports us to remarkable times: from countercultural movements to the emergence of the hippie, the bohemian, and alternative styles; from Bob Dylan to the Beatles and later Bob Marley in Jamaica. We love everything about it.

Bringing tie-dye back

Now reinvented in shades that are washed down, the emblematic style is not fabricated at home with dyes and old t-shirts, but it blasts the fashion industry appearing everywhere in the trade. Loose-fitting tops, dresses, and jackets are adorned with these chromatic waves with a strong visual identity in soft shades.

Tie-dye and accessorizing

If the list above is not reason enough to convince you to flirt with this creative style, it becomes even more interesting when you think about the endless combinations all these colors can admit when paired with accessories.

Immerse yourself in the rich and colorful world of tie-dyeing and learn to create your own creative combinations of looks paired with accessories.


By following our advice on dyes and jewels, you can obtain unexpected and surprising results. The style evokes the handmade world, where experimentation and pleasures are the keywords.

If you are just starting to wear tie-dye, we suggest looking for pastel shades that will make your accessories pop out. Always pair tie-dye pieces with solid colors to leave room to play with accessories. Use the eminent color from your tie-dye piece to bring in matching jewelry.


When you pair the easy, laid-back vibe of tie-dye with fashionable earrings, your look then transforms into something chic, portraying a woman not afraid to be imaginative and exploring her quirky side with elevated pieces.

Impact with originality by pairing Lamon’s dangle jellyfish earrings with orange sapphires and diamonds with a pastel tie-dye top of warm shades.

If you love dark tones, pair black and white tie-dye pants or a jacket over a solid top and bring it all to life with a pair of bourbon and bow-ties dangle Fan Marble earrings.

Bracelets and Timepieces

And why not embrace the era and style and pair your tie-dye with estate jewelry? Nothing portrays hippie vibes more than pairing a tie-dye dress in your favorite shades with a vintage flower-shaped estate Van Cleef ladies watch.

Draw eyes by combining a tie-dye scarf of many colors with a joyful estate Marco Bicego dangle bracelet in 18k yellow gold and gemstones.


If you are looking for a jack-of-all-trades to be worn with every tie-dye piece you own, have your heart beat faster with a heart-designed ring with an opal to reflect all the colors of your tie-dye, finished with 14k yellow gold.

Rock their world by pairing a tie-dye headband or a tunic in red shades with a stunning ring in a cluster halo of diamonds surrounding a stunning tsavorite stone that will work as the complimenting color to your red.


Of course, we will not leave pink out of this. One of the most prominent colors in the old-fashioned tie-dye rainbows, you can pair a pastel rainbow oversized sweater with black leggings, thick heels, and a dazzling halo pendant showcasing a pink sapphire.

However you decide to explore the twists of folds immersed in colored baths, remember tie-dye also plays with geometric patterns. You can coordinate shapes in the designs of the ties with jewelry.

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