How to surprise your valentine with a jewelry gift?

How to surprise your valentine with a jewelry gift?

You’ve just picked a glorious and exciting gift that says I love you to the moon and back. Then, it is time to wrap it, and you realize you very much need the outside to match the wonders inside—which should be just as lovely, because when it comes to jewelry-giving, well, more is more.


Here at Lamon Jewelers, we know the gift-giving part is just as important as choosing the perfect gift. We list unexpected ways to surprise your valentines and make the occasion as unforgettable as the gift.

Can you keep a secret?

Place jewelry in a very-well wrapped—we are talking military-grade wrapping paper here—gift box. Make it bigger and larger than the usual size of a jewelry box, so they will not suspect anything.


Tell them they can open it at a certain time in the day and have a delivery of flowers right at the time you set. They will be dying with curiosity and get a double surprise.

Pets and jewelry combo

Pets melt hearts and so does jewelry. Why not combine both? Put out your stealthy James Bond, wait for the moment of distraction, and hook the jewelry box to the pet collar.

When it runs to her, she will get a heart-melting surprise, a stunning gift, and pet snuggles!

Think inside the box

If the person you wish to surprise loves a prank, wrap your gift inside a bigger box and that box inside an even bigger box and then wrap them in many layers of paper.


Make them work for it! Expectations will be multiplied tenfold and so will their surprise when they find jewelry waiting for them.

Love at first sight

Place the stunning gift near the first place they go in the morning. Coffee maker? Leave it nearby. Meditation? Place it on their rug. Brushing their teeth? Hide it in the bathroom cabinet.


The first thing they do is falling back to sleep? Well, that is why we have more options for you. Keep reading!

Saved by the bell

Have someone ring the doorbell and leave the gift for them to find. This is a lovely idea when the person you want to surprise is not planning on leaving.


Don’t stop there, you don’t even need a delivery person, “hire” your nephew or niece ask them to hand the gift with a kiss and cuddle, “This is for you.” You can also place the jewelry box inside a balloon, so they will have to pop it.

Take them for a ride

And bring them to Lamon Jewelers! Here, you can choose the perfect gift together! Tell them you are going somewhere special. She will feel loved and treasured, and our professional staff will take of the rest!


Lamon Jewelers is where East Tennessee gets engaged! Don’t miss the gorgeous selection of Valentine’s Day jewelry we have prepared. Gifting jewelry this February will guarantee many smiles!

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