Jewelry gift ideas for Christmas

Jewelry gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a special holiday and a time when everyone loves to receive gifts. It is not always easy to surprise with a gift that takes people’s breath away.


Jewelry gifts have the right glow! The materials and craft expertise showcase jewelry as immortalized gifts that will be remembered for many Christmases ahead.


In this article, we offer several tips for choosing the perfect blend of contemporary fashion and high jewelry. Now, you just have to decide which marvel to put in her Christmas stocking!



1.       Necklaces

Necklaces are powerful jewels. The different lengths and thickness make them versatile items that transform entire outfits.

If you’re looking for jewels your loved ones can wear on every occasion, chose adorned pendant necklaces. Remember every woman will love a necklace embellished with precious details because they are always on-trend.


Necklace gift ideas:

·  Rare blue-green sapphire necklace with a halo pendant

·  Dashing John Hardy’s modern chain silver necklace

·  Cushion halo tanzanite pendant


2.      Bracelets


Bracelets evoke sparkle and admiration, especially among contemporary women. This can be a wonderful gift for ladies with a taste for bold jewelry. Do you want to surprise someone close to you and give them something special? Bracelets are chic, fashionable, and stylish!


Bracelet gift ideas:

·  Tsavorite & diamond bangle bracelet

·  John Hardy’s modern chain diamond link bracelet

·  Nelson diamond bangle bracelet



3.      Earrings


When you are not sure about which type of jewelry a woman enjoys, bet on stud earrings. They are delicate and work very well with all pieces of jewelry.


If your sweetheart likes a certain color, explore drop earrings with gemstones like peridot, aquamarine, opals, or even yellow diamonds. Make a splendid surprise for the women you love with diamond jewels that carry a gemstone full of meanings and that can be seen from afar.


Earring gift ideas:

·  Vintage opal stud earrings

·  Diamond door-knocker earrings

·  Morganite and aquamarine drop earrings


4.    Fashion rings


Fashion rings, like bracelets, are one of the few pieces of jewelry where their owner gets to see them all day long. In this way, this gift will always remind people of your surprise and thoughtfulness.


Presenting someone with a fashion rings is trickier when it comes to size, but specialized jewelry stores like Lamon’s are always ready to make any adjustments you may need.


Rings have been used to hallmark special occasions since the times of kings and queens; make this a Christmas to remember with an incredible fashion ring!


Fashion ring gift ideas:

·  Rare Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline bypass ring

·  Halo cluster ring featuring oval tsavorite and diamonds

· Stunning purplish-pink kunzite bypass ring


5.      Timepieces


Looking for jewelry gifts for men? Invest in the luxury and technology of timepieces. They are elegant jewelry and often come in limited editions, making them ultra-original! 


Whether you are looking for a  gift for your father, husband, or a dear friend conquering a milestone, timepieces are embellished with features and can be a personalized gift.


Timepieces gift ideas:

·  Ball Watch Co. Engineer hydrocarbon AeroGMT II

·  Citizen’s two-tone stainless steel watch for men

·  Ball Watch Co. Engineer master aviator II


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