The Expert Guide On Layering Necklaces

The Expert Guide On Layering Necklaces

Necklace stacks have been all the rage for the past few years, and they’ve proven they’re no passing trend. Far from being a fad, necklace stacks are timeless style staples. But layering your necklaces like a pro isn’t as easy as it seems.

Don’t worry, though - we’ve got you covered! To help you create the perfect necklace stacks for any occasion, here are some expert tips on mixing and matching designs like a pro.



Choose one focus piece

Instead of layering several eye-catching designs, pick one main necklace to take center stage and build the entire stack around it. That is an easy way to ensure your necklace combination won’t look busy and, instead, it’ll make an elegant and stylish statement.


You can easily do this by pairing a tennis necklace with a couple of delicate pendants, layer a thick chain with a few dainty ones, or combine a statement pearl necklace with minimalist station necklaces. Your options are endless!


Mix necklaces of different lengths

The secret to creating a harmonious necklace stack is balance. And when it comes to balancing your necklaces, the main thing to do is make sure the pieces you choose to pair together have marginally different lengths - nothing too drastic.


For example, if you have a chain necklace that’s 16 inches long, you can pair it with an 18-inch gemstone station necklace, or go in the opposite direction and layer it with a 14-inch diamond collar. That way, you make sure each necklace is laying stacked and not in one big messy clump.



Mind your precious metals

This can go one of two ways. You can either stick to a single precious metal throughout the entire stack, or mix different metals to create a statement. A good rule of thumb for mixing metals is to pick one main precious metal for your stack, and have the other ones as a subtle compliment.


Another good tip when mixing metals is to stick to similar necklace designs to avoid going overboard. Alternatively, you could also stick to one precious metal and play with different necklace designs. Opt for one of the two so as to not have your stack looking too busy.


Don’t be afraid to mix different styles

Whether it’s different necklace designs, metals, gemstones, or just overall aesthetics, don’t be afraid to incorporate different elements into your stack. That’s because your necklaces don’t necessarily have to coordinate in an obvious way.


For example, you can create a high-low effect by pairing a lavish tennis necklace with a dainty gold chain and a colorful beaded necklace. Or, you could go for something unexpected like mixing a delicate pearl necklace with a thick chain or colorful gemstone necklaces. The sky is the limit.



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