The most common questions about diamonds answered!

The most common questions about diamonds answered!

Diamond jewelry is a must-have for anyone’s jewelry box. Born from the deepest layers of earth, this precious stone is a sparkly delight that turns any jewelry piece — rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces — into something truly stunning.


But there are many questions that arise when you start looking for the perfect diamond, because just as this gem is full of sparkle, it’s also full of possibilities. And here you find the answers to the five most important questions that you need to ask before getting a diamond, whether it’s encrusted in a piece of jewelry or not.

1. What are diamond inclusions and blemishes?

Diamonds are formed under extreme heat and pressure and, as a result, tiny imperfections are created inside them. These minuscule imperfections within the diamond are called inclusions. Blemishes, on the other hand, are imperfections on the surface of a diamond.


It’s important to understand these two aspects since diamond clarity is directly related to these imperfections: inclusions and blemishes impact the overall appearance of the diamond. This means that the fewer imperfections they have, the more coveted and expensive they are.

2. Diamond quality and diamond size: are they related?

The size of a diamond is measured in carat weight, and one carat equals 0.007 ounce avoirdupois. This means it would require over 2,265 carats to reach one pound. Although large diamonds are rarer - which obviously increases their value - this is not a key factor when it comes to diamond quality.


Two diamonds with the same weight may very well be unequal in value, because they could present different characteristics that influence their quality, such as cut, color, and clarity. If a large diamond isn’t cut correctly, for example, the extra weight may reduce its brilliance.

3. Which diamond cut brings the most sparkle?

The cut of a diamond is all about the quality of workmanship and angles that reflect the maximum amount of light. The more light a diamond reflects, the better the sparkle is. And the amount of sparkle, of course, is what defines how beautiful your diamond is.


When cut by an expert, with utmost care and attention to detail, round diamonds tend to bring the most sparkle to your jewelry. That’s why, in fact, round diamonds are very popular choices for engagement rings.

4. Are diamonds always colorless?

It’s not always visible to the naked eye, but diamonds can have light yellow hues/undertones. What determines whether a diamond is colorless or not, once again, is the amount of light it reflects. The more light it reflects, the more colorless the diamond is, and the more valuable it is.

5. Is a Certificate or Grading Report Indispensable?

A certificate is basically a scientific blueprint of your diamond’s characteristics. It tells you whether your diamond has been through any treatment to change its color or clarity. When buying a diamond, the certificate is what tells you the story of this stone. So, if you want to ensure the quality of your diamond and that the information you are given about it is accurate, ask for a certificate.


These five questions are fundamental for anyone looking for the perfect diamond. Lamon Jewelers is your one-stop jewelry shop in Knoxville and Maryville, TN, and we provide you with high-quality diamond jewelry. Every single diamond we offer comes with a certificate and the certainty that it will represent a beautiful part of your life.

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