Here Are The Top 7 Reasons To Wear Beautiful Estate Jewelry

Here Are The Top 7 Reasons To Wear Beautiful Estate Jewelry

Unlike contemporary jewelry styles, Estate jewelry isn’t available in large quantities, which makes these pieces a great investment and something that makes us feel fortunate to wear.


So, if you’re looking for an authentic Estate piece, whether it's an antique ring, a vintage brooch, a retro-inspired bracelet, or earrings traced back to former artistic periods, let’s take a look at the best reasons to enhance your jewelry box with incredible Estate jewelry.


1. Estate Jewelry will always give you a story to tell

People don’t see Estate jewelry every day, so you’re sure to get many positive compliments on your unique pieces. And the best part is that, when you shop Estate jewelry at certified places, experts will share all the details and background of the history of that piece before it was yours. This will not only give you an exciting tale to tell, but it’ll also add to the charm and preciousness of your Estate piece.



2. Estate Jewelry breaks with the rules

While we all love to keep an eye on what’s coming for future fashion seasons, Estate jewelry keeps a pace of its own and allows us to wear something nearly no one else has. Not only that, but Estate has a flair and magnetism we hardly find in contemporary jewelry, and wearing it helps us transcend what’s being dictated in the fashion world.


3. Estate Jewelry represents exclusivity

Estate jewelry features exquisite artwork and creative designs reminiscent of past periods, making it one of the most original forms of jewelry, when mass production didn’t yet exist. Even if you pick out a “new vintage” piece or Estate pieces from a few decades ago, chances are these jewelry lines were discontinued, and the ones you can get are the only pieces still available out there.



4. Estate Jewelry is fashion-forward

Ironically, the old is new! And Estate Jewelry is super in vogue, which makes this the perfect time to guarantee a few exclusive pieces. And, if you have an Estate or antique piece that doesn’t match your style perfectly, you can find a complementary Estate piece to wear as a set and define your style better. This way, you don’t need to part with unique jewelry and still show your true style.



5. Estate Jewelry is gorgeous

Like we explained in this Estate Jewelry Guide, Estate jewelry can be vintage and even antique. Past eras produced very artistic jewelry, which completely blew the fashion world in their time. Even Estate jewelry from more recent decades derived inspiration from significant periods such as Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, or Art Nouveau jewelry and we can’t really tell which one is more beautiful!


6. Estate Jewelry has a symbolic value

Estate jewelry, especially the ones we consider family heirlooms, has deep and personal meaning which goes beyond simple preferences. Such precious jewelry can represent care, love, and a connection to our most treasured memories. And the best part? You can keep “collecting” special memories every time you wear it.


7. Estate Jewelry is very well-preserved

Reputable jewelry stores only consider jewelry which is very well-preserved to be sold as Estate. At Lamon Jewelers, for example, there’s a complete analysis of gems, background, and conservation. Therefore, when you purchase Estate jewelry, you can be confident it’s been thoroughly evaluated by an expert, making this a long-lasting investment.



Turning to qualified places is essential to find real Estate jewelry with fair offers. Lamon Jewelers’ experts consider the various historical periods, specific artistic styles, design, and precious materials before assessing jewelry pieces, all this to ensure you fall in love with the rare Estate jewelry in our showcase.

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