What is a cushion cut diamond?

What is a cushion cut diamond?

Congratulations! You and your partner are finally at that stage where you’re ready to take the next step in life as one. While looking for engagement rings, you might find a few styles you’re unfamiliar with, and we at Lamon Jewelers would love to take this time to talk about one of our house favorites: the Cushion Cut.

As a diamond cut with a strong presence in jewelry history, the cushion cut is known for its brilliance and for its pillow-like shape-hence the name.

Originally, the cushion cut was called the mine or the old mine cut, a name that traces its origins to the 19th century when diamonds primarily came from Brazilian mines. After the stones were discovered in South Africa, the style became known as the old mine cut.

Comparison With Other Cuts

While cushion cuts generally do not have the same brilliance as round cut diamonds do,  this gorgeous style is still a favorable option for many brides. Because less of the rough diamond is sacrificed when creating a cushion-cut, they tend to be less expensive than their round counterparts. This makes cushion cuts perfect for a couple that is on a budget but doesn’t want to forfeit glamor. However, a cushion-cut diamonds tend to carry their carat weight in the center rather than on the sides, meaning that a comparable 1-carat diamond would be wider in a round cut than it would in a cushion cut. While their brilliance may be lower than that of a round cut,  the cut of the cushion gives the diamond more fire, great for anyone that wants a little bit more colored sparkle.

Often times, many people confuse cushion cuts with princess cuts- and it’s totally understandable! The two share a very similar square shape- except that in place of the harsh corners of the princess cut, a cushion cut has rounded edges that give it a bit of vintage charm. Regarding radiant cuts, the similarities are even more difficult to discern. Radiant cuts tend to be more rectangular and with harder edges while the edge of cushion cuts are generally softer and more rounded.

Types of Cushion Cut Diamonds

When looking at a cushion cut diamond, you will normally find three distinct shapes, square, elongated and rectangle. When measuring, the length to width ratio is used to determine the difference. Cushion cuts with a ratio of 1.00-1.05 are square, 1.06-1.10 elongated, and anything higher is considered rectangle. Along with varying shapes, there are different styles of cushion cuts that also affect the diamonds' brilliance.

Antique Cushion Cuts

This early to mid-20th-century variety was very popular and, because they were all cut individually by hand, tend to vary slightly in shape. That said, these diamonds generally have a smaller table surface with a higher crown and pavilion. While also usually less brilliant due to the technological limitations of the time, this variety is perfect for a bride that wants that vintage flair you can’t find anywhere else.

Cushion Modified

With an extra row of facets, this contemporary stone features more surfaces for light to bounce, causing more sparkle and brilliance, giving it its signature crushed ice appeal.

Cushion Brilliant

The rarest of the bunch, this style is modeled after the round cut brilliant diamond and has the most crushed ice look of the three.  With larger and fewer facets that resemble a star, Cushion Brilliant stones go for a pretty price but are worth every penny.

With many celebrities donning these ones of a kind diamond, it’s no surprise that Cushion Cuts are surging in popularity. At Lamon Jewelers, we have a plethora of these dazzling cushion engagement rings available in our Knoxville and Maryville locations that are just waiting to be seen! Come on down and take a sparkling look.

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