What Jewelry looks best on me?

What Jewelry looks best on me?

Jewelry truly reflects your personality, so you should match it to your style and mood. More than beauty accessories, jewelry plays an important role in showing you off. They can, for example, make your skin appear brighter and healthier.

Like finding the right look, accessories are a matter of taste but also a matter of complexion. You should always look for the right colors to match your skin tone and enhance your figure.

It doesn’t matter if you are considering jewelry in yellow, pink, white gold, or silver, to find the ideal fashion accessories, you have to bet on the right metals and precious stones to highlight your skin color.

I have light skin, which jewelry should I choose?

On fair skin, we tend to wear metals like white gold or solid silver. For the choice of stones, nothing beats setting your neck and wrists with necklaces and bracelets adorned in ruby, garnet, tourmaline, topaz or sapphire.

To enhance a rather chic and classic city look, consider silver bracelets adorned with semi-precious stones, true tokens of femininity on a casual look.

We say yes and yes again to emeralds, the essential stone for creating a fashionable look without making the slightest fashion faux pas. Fancy white gold brooches on your clothes and pendants, they will allow you to have fun with a colorful set.

I have dark skin, what jewelry to wear?

Dark skin tones are quite friendly with warm hues like yellow and rose gold. It will give a glow to the skin or perfectly highlight a vacation tan.

If you have dark skin, throw yourself on the neon colors and have a blast with gemstones full of life for summer and winter. Dare to wear turquoise jewelry that will make you look unbelievable.

Here we suggest turquoise stones to illuminate your neckline with stackable necklaces in milder tones on the rest of the look, so as not to fall into too much.

Does my hair color play a role as well?


Yes! If you are brunette with a golden complexion, you will wear light stones very nicely, try moonstone, chalcedony, quartz, mother of pearl to contrast with dark hair. 

You can also play the card of the dark brunette with shades of dark and ​​mysterious stones such as onyx, black pearls, or even black tourmaline.

Chestnut blondes can afford anything. Whether pink, white, or yellow, everything is fine with this complexion. Chocolaty tones will go perfectly, as well as golden tones for a hyper elegant and natural air.

Dark stones will bring contrast to your hair while light stones will bring out sweetness. If you are blond, the message you are looking for will then be up to you.

As for redheads, green or blue stones are by far the ones that will enhance your beauty the most. The green jade, emerald, tsavorites, or green tourmalines will suit you very well. We don’t have to mention rose gold was made for you!

Like a piece of clothing, jewelry must follow your taste and style, it can enhance you as much as you can enhance it if you take skin and hair color into consideration.

Now you know everything about how to match your jewelry to your skin tone, so you just have to go and conquer your next favorites from Lamon Jewelers in Knoxville, TN.

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