What jewelry should bridesmaid wear?

What jewelry should bridesmaid wear?

The bride will forever be the highlight of the wedding ceremony and the attention should be all for her. The bridesmaids, however, are by her side the whole time, and for this, they love to look impeccable, elegant, and refined.

Have you already thought about what your bridesmaids will wear? The dress and accessories that, although different, identify them as part of your favorite team in the whole world? In this post, we offer gorgeous ideas for both.

How should the bridesmaids dress?

Brides have to pay particular attention to what the bridesmaids wear, their accessories, make-up, and hairdos, but as most wedding planners suggest, simplicity is always the best card to show. After all, even when bridesmaids don’t match, they are still coordinated.

Usually, the bridesmaids wear the same dress, with a style reminiscent of the bride, but nothing prevents you from being creative and original with their overall looks.

Tip! It is very important to achieve a uniform balance between the bride's bouquet, the wedding decorations, and the bridesmaid colors.

Different dresses, same accessories

A great option is to give them freedom in choosing the dress (you could still give some indications on the style or colors) and ask them to wear jewelry that matches.

You can define a color palette or even dictate the same color. But know that allowing your bridesmaids to choose a dress that enhances their figure and fits within their budget is the key to happy bridesmaids!

Same dresses, different accessories

Pastel shades for bridesmaids are very popular, thanks to accessible fabrics—tulle, chiffon, or crepe—bridesmaids are wrapped in romantic and suave styles.

That is one more reason to let your friends play with accessories. Bridesmaids can all dress in the same tones or the same color, but different accessories will help them add their own touch to their look.

Why not give them a nice piece of jewelry?

It is particularly thoughtful to give the wedding day a memory that will remain for life.

Your witnesses and bridesmaids have been with you for many months, they may have come with you to try on your wedding dress, may have spent whole evenings helping you with your DIYs, which makes this a nice way to thank them for their devotion.

A necklace, earrings, a bracelet, or a hairpin: take your time deciding what to give. In fact, this jewel should still match with the dresses of your bridesmaids and in general with the theme of your wedding.

Enhance the beauty of your bridesmaids

When choosing jewels for your bridesmaids, try to find something that stands out and enhances the beauty of your friends. Make sure the jewelry is perfect for your bridesmaids' complexion and hair length.

Pick a jewel that expresses all the uniqueness of your friends, who have decided to accompany you on this very important day.

Think beyond colors

Don’t forget their dress neckline. Make sure that the jewel you are going to give to your bridesmaids fits well with the neckline of their dress. If the dresses have tall necklines, it might be better to bet on earrings or bracelets.

Now you have all our tips for choosing the right jewelry to make your bridesmaids happier and more beautiful.

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