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Halo engagement rings in Knoxville & Maryville, TN

The time for “will you marry me?” has come. Such a happy moment is made unforgettable when accompanied by an engagement ring that translates all the love you feel for your partner. A piece of jewelry that speaks of the journey you’ve been through, and everything beautiful you can see for your future together.

The halo is defined as a bright circle of light around something. In jewelry, a halo is the circle of small gemstones around a bigger one, boosting its sparkle. The symbolism is all about wisdom, connection, and life force. A halo engagement ring is for those that see their relationship as a deep connection, filled with an everlasting love.

At Lamon Jewelers, we offer exquisite halo engagement rings, and you can find that special one that will bring joy not only for its beauty but also for its significance. A unique piece that will remain timeless and always bring back a cherished memory.

Our collection of halo engagement rings includes yellow, rose, and white gold bands, all encrusted with gemstones and made with special attention to detail. The rings on display are diverse, all fit for the important occasion they stand for.

While diamonds keep that touch of tradition and class of an engagement ring, they are also a symbol of love and commitment. Combined with different gemstones, the result is dazzling and powerful.

Tanzanite is a beautiful indigo color, and sapphires, although commonly blue, can come in different colors, such as a beautiful deep shade of green. Both gemstones represent trust and long life.

The cut of the gemstone accentuates the elegance of the designs, highlighting the charm halo rings have. All the frames accommodate the gemstones perfectly, resulting in an appealing engagement ring.

Yellow gold is always a classic, with the perk of being hypoallergenic. Rose gold carries a more romantic quality, while white gold can be seen as more elegant. And you don’t need to choose just one, there is the possibility of mixing different types of material. Whichever ring you choose, they all have their own uniqueness.

Our selection of halo engagement rings is authentic and innovative, always reflecting the one-of-a-kind aspects of your personal story. With us, you find contemporary high-end jewelry. Lamon Jewelers is the top quality go-to jewelry destination in the Knoxville and Maryville, TN area. We have a friendly and helpful team ready to help you with whatever you need.

Our jewelry makes your proposal exceptional. We craft our rings in the most caring, passionate, and delicate way we can. We care about the meaning behind a piece of jewelry. We strive to provide you with an engagement ring that will represent your essence.

Lamon Jewelers is here to listen to you and make your love story into a singular engagement ring. Book an appointment, and let us be a part of your happiness!

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