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The solitaire has always been the engagement rings par excellence. In its shape, a solitaire is a simple ring setting shaped in gold with a diamond. Due to its simplicity, the solitaire will be an everyday ring for all tastes, and it goes very well with all styles of clothing. This is why the solitaire is the perfect engagement ring: it is elegant, simple, and timeless.

Many of our clients who want to buy an engagement ring wonder why a solitaire is the ultimate choice. Well, the solitaire ring has been a symbol of love since Roman times when a man wanted to show his adoration for his soon-to-be-wife, and his willingness to commit to her for life with a symbol gave birth to this rare ring.

Putting the solitaire on the ring finger of the left hand is a strong sign of commitment. Indeed, our ancestors believed that a vein would pass through the ring finger of the left hand and connected it directly to the heart. Even though this vein has been refuted by doctors today, the tradition continues of putting the solitaire on the ring finger of the left hand to prove love to one's soulmate.

The solitaire engagement ring symbolizes a lasting bond between a man and a woman, the beginning of a new life as a family with the promise of fidelity and love between them.

The solitaire ring is characterized by a specific setting and size. It privileges a stone that will be retained by four or more prongs. The stone incorporates worth to the ring and is therefore of great importance since the solitaire shape aims to give it all its value.

A solitaire ring can be set with smaller stones or take a fancier form, Lamon’s showcases both options. The diamond above our solitaire rings touches the heart with glamorous finishes.

Today, solitaire styles are always present in engagements. Technology and techniques make our models incredibly well-delineated in yellow, rose, and white gold.

If you have coveted this ring style during your shopping research and now you cannot stop thinking of it adorning her finger, you can purchase beautiful solitaire engagement rings from Lamon’s, we guarantee you she will not take it off!

The proposal having been made, you will discover that this ring style truly is the symbol of loyalty, devotion, and soul-deep feelings. The solitaire ring has never been forgotten over the years.

Still very present in the traditions of proposals—even if the engagement ceremony is much less in fashion—solitaires are classic symbols of purity, with a diamond of a major characteristic: its strength.

Lamon Jewelers is one of the best American diamond dealers and has been doing so for generations. Due to our experience in the jewelry sector, you can shop quickly and with confidence at our stores.

If you are near Knoxville and Maryville, Tennessee, we have showrooms open all year round to welcome you and get you inspired by our solitaire engagement rings with professionals ready and eager to advise you about diamonds and settings. You can find us 7923 Kingston Pike Knoxville or 715 Watkins Road, Maryville.


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