Split Shank - Engagement Rings

It is the right time to gift an engagement ring to your other half and make a promise of love to them, but how to proceed now with the choice of that very personal gift that will become the symbol of your love? We introduce the split shank engagement ring concept, a ring consisting of two lines of precious metals splitting intrinsically with a sequence of diamonds that is normally doubled.

Thanks to the movement in the design of this ring, the outline of the hand are enhanced, and the brilliant-cut diamonds offer the best light to accentuate the modernity of a revisited classic. Lamon’s split shank engagement rings will allude to your first kiss, the first “I love you" exchanged, and the first time holding hands.

Lamon Jewelers have created gorgeous alternative versions of this very important and bright engagement ring with curved designs and encrusted diamonds in their inhouse workshops. Our split shank engagement rings are jewels of the great effect that can definitively conquer the heart of your beloved and thus seal the promise of love that you will make.

A ring that stands on its own, the split shank engagement is not a classic and neither a contemporary ring, the style features characteristics from past and future. A proposal is a gesture appreciated by most people and cherished with very great value. With a split shank ring from Lamon’s selection, they will think you hung the moon.

The split shank style then represents the moment of transition from a dating status to fiancés. Gifting an engagement ring means more than simply declaring your strong bond to another person, that is what those two lines of a split shank symbolize. To express love, we have prepared a selection that is equally precious and lasting, with split shank engagement rings that are sophisticated and interesting while engaging with reinterpretations of different styles.

Lamon’s showroom offers split shank engagement rings with romantic double halos of over sixty diamonds along the shank. For even more inventive options, we suggest squared halo split shank rings. Extremely enchanting and delicate alternatives are our thin rose gold engagement rings with princess cut diamonds. Designs also include rings with central diamonds surrounded by flower petals that connect to a split shank.

The purchase of the engagement ring will reflect on your personality and good taste. As a rule, extraordinary and charismatic personalities like to opt for a split shank style ring. Our split shank designs tell the story of romance, dreaminess, lightness of character. The receiver of such a ring will feel irresistibly closer to you because its bold and intricate form shows a strong-willed and original person.

The time has come to deliver the engagement ring to your partner, and we guarantee a little magic with our curated selection. Shop magical split shank engagement rings in with us. Split shank styles are very dear to people, in fact, we will give you useful advice on this choice and beyond that, there are many types to choose from.

If you are in East Tennessee, visit Lamon’s for a refined split shank design, personalized or not, with the precious stones of your choice. With us, you will learn everything about the most requested types. Stop by Lamon’s, our quality never fails, shop a split shank engagement ring with the highest quality and within your budget. You can find our stores in Knoxville, Maryville, and Gatlinburg.

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