Straight - Engagement Rings



Straight engagement rings are very special, in particular for compelling two hearts while embedded with history and meaning that goes back many centuries. Surprisingly, already in Roman times, a man wanted an object that could symbolize his love for the woman of his dreams, and engagement rings became very popular.

And so, for the longest time, it is always a ring that is offered when posing a question that displays one’s love and the will to build a new life as a couple. It is still in our traditions and perpetuates the same emotions when we offer or receive it.

Here at Lamon’s, we portray elegant and chic straight engagement rings, they are favorites because they are gorgeous and discreet, and can easily match with a future wedding band. Straight engagement rings signify commitment and passion between soulmates, they are decorative jewels that appeal to many women. What's more, it is the kind of jewelry that goes with all styles and all occasions.

If you are in Knoxville or Maryville, explore the intricate synchronicity between the shape of our engagement rings and the stones that complement their uniqueness. Have you been looking for straight engagement rings at the best cost? Check out our jewelry store, you will find diamond rings at affordable prices with amazing quality in our showrooms in Tennessee.

The story of a straight engagement ring also depends on the stone that it will highlight since each gemstone offers strong and unique imagery. A diamond will be a symbol of love, a ruby ​​of passion, a sapphire of harmony, and the emerald of truth and love.

The central stone does not have to be a white diamond. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see straight engagement rings with blue, pink, green, or red diamonds.

Our straight styles come adorned with precious stones or diamond clusters. Special styles feature beaded galleries with stunning stones in place.

Our bezel setting and filigree gallery engagement rings are sure to make her heart stop. Split-shank styles show a message of confidence by the art embedded in their craft while our geometric settings are swoon-worthy.

Lamon’s straight engagement styles come in rose, yellow, and white gold and some feature metal beads delineating an ornate border. Take a closer look at our romantic vintage engraved rings that speak of love and legacy. If you want to find a straight engagement ring that comes with a matching band, we have the piece for you.

Just as heart-warming, our white gold combined with rose gold engagement rings are incredible diamond alternatives in the straight style, they not only cast beautiful hues of pretty-in-pink beauty but sparkle glamorously, which is why we love them!

Particularly appreciated during an engagement request, the straight is a style of ring that evokes great success when you want to treat someone to a piece of jewelry that is classic, durable, will not be easily damaged, and that can later sit comfortably next to a wedding band.

Find a unique and timeless straight engagement ring in Knoxville or Maryville with Lamon’s. With us, you are sure to purchase a ring that will surely grab the attention of all. We are your jewelry store in eastern Tennessee.
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