Antique, Vintage, And Estate Jewelry: Collectible Treasures We All Want To Get Our Hands On

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Antique, Vintage, And Estate Jewelry: Collectible Treasures We All Want To Get Our Hands On

Like we’ve mentioned before, jewelry has always been something we desire because of its beauty, the craft, and the art which goes into it. Even so, while we love contemporary accessories, the truth is that exclusive Estate jewelry pieces are even more valuable and prestigious.

And there’s one factor that can affect the value of a piece immensely—its age. So, today, we’ll help you understand the different terms and art periods we use to define the age and exclusivity of jewelry marked by the most inspiring eras we’ve ever seen.

What is the difference between vintage, antique, and Estate jewelry?

You must have heard the terms antique, vintage, and Estate when talking about jewelry. And that’s because, like other types of collector’s pieces, the more rare and preserved a jewelry piece is, the more desired it becomes. 
Estate Jewelry defines any jewelry pre-owned for any period. Scarcity, conservation, and designer names are some of the main aspects that play into the value of an Estate piece.  
As for vintage versus antique, there is a debate over the age limit, but it’s generally accepted that antique jewelry must be at least 100 years old while vintage jewelry must be at least 20 years old.
In practice, jewelry pieces crafted before 1980 can be considered vintage, but since this term is often used generically, we’re going to explore the periods in-depth together.  

Estate jewelry

The value of Estate jewelry also depends on the market demand and the characteristics which make a piece unique and unobtainable. If you’d like to know more about how to get Estate Jewelry appraised, you should start by gathering documents, old photographs, certificates, engravings, and every other detail from former owners. 

Reputable Jewelry stores like Lamon Jewelers can help you pinpoint the age and value of an Estate piece accurately with a professional evaluation, provide you with unique and appraised Estate Pieces, and purchase your Estate piece, depending on the market demand.

Vintage Estate Jewelry

Vintage jewelry gets more valuable and rarer as time passes, and eventually, it becomes antique, making it a great investment and the focus of many collectors who see its potential.
Jewelry of more than 30 years is sometimes called “true vintage,” and jewelry under 20 years old, “new vintage.” Jewelry crafted between the 1920s and 1980s includes designs from the Retro Era, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco, which are admired for the unique inspiration and use of materials.



Edwardian jewelry is very elegant, with designs that explore fragility with graceful curves, resulting in a lacy effect of light metalwork that seemed to make jewelry float.

Pearls and platinum were frequently used in Edwardian jewelry. Bows, moons, stars, and scrolls were common motifs depicted using large center stones, many diamonds, and milgrain patterns.




One of the first aspects which come to mind when we think about Victorian jewelry is colorful gemstones. Victorians also loved hearts, flora, and shapes which helped them express emotions. The depth of emeralds and rubies was explored with large, roughly cut stones.

Secret compartments such as lockets and knot rings were favorites. Cameos, medallions, and brooches were popular. Snakes and ivy were also prevalent in the jewelry of this time. The artwork leaves us breathless and still inspires many jewelry designers to this day.

Estate Jewelry in Knoxville/Maryville/Gatlinburg, TN

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And if you’d like to be the new owner of unique Estate Jewelry, visit us to browse our handpicked showcase. We offer jewelry of complex craftsmanship and rarity, which will leave collectors very satisfied.
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