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“What is it worth?” is the most asked question we get regarding estate and vintage jewelry.  To answer that question, at Lamon Jewelers we have assembled a specialized team of the best jewelry appraisers and restoration specialists.

An insurance company has a different need than a probate attorney.  And while insurance replacement value will be different from a liquidation value, they both may be different from the value assigned for estate purposes. Each of those has needs that are different from a family that just wants to know “What is it worth?” Constantly changing economic environments and the supply and demand of gems and metals influence these values.

We, at Lamon Jewelers, are changing as well by responding to the demand to answer the question “What is it worth?” Our team is now able to meet all of your appraisal and restoration needs in our newly expanded estate department whose mission is to serve you with the excellence you have grown accustomed to at Lamon’s.

Since 1986, we have been conveniently located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Though it appears to be a log cabin, our facility is actually a converted bank building which has afforded us the luxury of a walk-in vault and state-of-the-art security system.

I look forward to serving you soon as you seek the answer to “What is it worth?”

Adrienne Lamon

Lamon Jewelers, Inc.

Lamon Jewelers has an expert team of GIA certified gemologists and appraisers. We offer accurate appraisals for your fine jewelry needs.

COntact us for a free estimate and consultation.  Single appraisals are normally completed in 1-2 days based on availability. 

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