Fashion Rings



Walk within the enchanting world of fashion rings in East Tennessee and explore jewelry of incredible quality with beautiful designs that look like dreams come true. Infuse every outfit with the glamour of spectacular jewels.


Enjoy the most beautiful moments with colored gemstone fashion rings and feel the significance and vividness of every color and texture. No one will resist the depth of blue sapphires, emerald starbursts, opals spirals, or pink spinel halo designs.


Explore breathtaking rings inlaid with inserts of sparkling diamonds that make any look come alive. Our selection encompasses delicate and romantic models. If you relish wider rings, we carry incredible bypass models, double halo, and fancy rings with impressive stones.


Drape yourself with rings that break free from traditional and incorporate intricate designs brimming with diamonds that pave the way to central gemstones that are show-stoppers. The right rings in the hands of the right person will always conjure feelings of personal beauty, confidence, and attractiveness.


If you have a thing for unusual things, Lamon's creative rings will allow you to indulge yourself with luxurious pieces bursting with charm. Lamon's is the right place if you are looking for advice on buying fashion rings that cause lasting impressions.


The exclusive design of fashion rings attracts all eyes with unusual layers of openwork patterns. The rings in our selection cast glimmering light on all outfits and are stylish options for everyday wear.


With rings of anatomic fits and layers of pure brilliance, you can dare to define your own bold and confident signature with iconic pieces. Choose the gemstones that most convey the image you strive for and take advantage of their special effect.


Reinvent your style with crafty rings that pour out all the light within. Relish in precious metals and shapes that will perfectly reflect who you want to be. Find rings in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold and add a special touch to your other jewelry. We all love meaningful treasures that speak our story and add intriguing impressions with a high level of quality and prestige.


The confidence to wear inventive pieces that show glimpses of your personality is evident in every possibility with the fashion ring in our showrooms. Listen to your heart and go for the pieces that bring your natural beauty and sprinkle a little extra glamour with subtle concepts.


Our primary concern is to offer you rings of exceptional fashion ring designs with shapes, precious metals, and gemstones that will rock your every look with light and everlasting refinement only high-end jewels can offer.


Our consultants love to help you leave our store smiling and radiant—this is not difficult with such fantastic rings with designs and details for every taste. In fact, we dare you to pick just one! The refined people of East Tennessee have left Lamon's glowing with joy and sophistication.


Lamon's is your to-go jewelry store to find fashion rings in East Tennessee. Find elegant independence with incredible fashion rings. Visit the store closest to you. You can find us in Knoxville, Maryville, and Gatlinburg.

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