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Enjoy the lustrous rhythms of Lamon’s wedding band collections. Savor materials and creations that are always trendy and include various shapes for all tastes.

We are a high-quality jewelry store serving customers for generations in Knoxville, Maryville, and Gatlinburg Tennessee. Lamon’s offers a wedding band for everyone. Find yours among our selection!

Terrific. Lamon’s inventive pieces reflect love and friendship with star-sprinkled diamonds and noble golds. Sleek or set with diamonds, in white or yellow gold, our bands will surprise you in quality and style.

Masterful. Our wedding bands have a stellar charm that you will want to wear every day! Enjoy models in straight lines that nestle naturally on your fingertips.

Charming. Crafted to be worn on their own or in a nice set of fine bands in a series, our eternity bands shine with luminous diamonds encrusted with a simplicity that enriches your natural beauty.

Original. Lamon’s showroom carries an innovative wedding band selection with intrinsic characteristics that allow you to show your style and identity. Come appreciate the quality and design of Lamon’s designer brands.

Stunning. Lamon’s gives free rein to creative couples. You can find the bands that better express the two of you. From the greatest classics to modern forms with indispensable diamonds or in pure metals.

Artistic. Lamon has an in-house expert team of designers and jewelry masters. Our care with the details of your future wedding band is unparalleled.

Captivating. Wedding bands with diamonds and gemstones crafted with designs for conformable fits adorn our collections of unique pieces with skillfully crafted minimalism.

Dazzling. Lamon’s selection includes eternity bands in white and yellow gold, carved or showered with diamonds. Our pieces also include iconic black diamonds and emerald options.

Gleaming. For couples who love minimalist bands, we feature well-balanced bands that follow the curves of the hand with a sleek polish and perfect tailoring.

Inspiring. Our star-inspired wedding bands have been shining in the hands of happy customers who trusted Lamon’s experts with their love story. You too can discoverer our treasures for couples of all ages.

Precious. Bask in the reflections of light coming off our wedding bands. Let Lamon’s be your inspiration, come see our precious designs and symbolic bands.

Versatile. Our carefully crafted bands redefine jewelry contours in slightly curved forms that will fit perfectly against engagement rings and shine like stars together: comfortable and stylish.

Romantic. Wedding bands have a value that no other object will ever equal. Precious for those who wear it, they are personal and significant.

Eternal. Our expertly cut diamonds attract the light, causing radiant effects for every wedding band. With or without extra stones, all our bands are classic and timeless: for the most special day, a unique band.

Aesthetic. Explore with gold bands entwined with diamonds or emeralds casting a raw magnetic glow on any outfit you put together. After all, wedding bands will be your loyal companions for every day, forever.

Find wedding bands that attract all eyes all year round: Lamon’s carries modern and traditional wedding bands that faithfully maintain an artistic identity. Relish in Lamon Jewelers’ romantic and smooth wedding bands in Knoxville, Maryville, and Gatlinburg TN.

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